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How to prevent some aggrevation.

Tydbyts© are bits of wisdom I have accumulated over time (I'll add 'em as I remember 'em) on the topics presented on this site. They tend to be either about computer or model train subjects.

Microsoft Windows Explorer displays leading-cap only.

Even if your filename is ALL caps.

This can be very aggrevating when attempting to upload files to a server. If you are using Windows NT, the File Manager (run: "winfile.exe") will display mixed cap in long filenames.

Netscape Communicator won't see my image.

If Internet Explorer sees the image, here's one possible explanation.

An image with a filename containing a space will generally resolve correctly in Internet Explorer but Netscape will not display the image. Also, I.E. will display an imbedded .BMP but not Netscape. (Netscape 4 or below only)

Extruded Foam Insulation Scenery.

Covering the stuff with texture.

If you use Sculptamold® to add texture to your light-weight scenery made from extruded foam insulation, you'll need to add white glue to the mixture. The glue acts as a bonding agent, allowing the Sculptamold® to stick to the foam. If you do not use glue, the Sculptamold® will easily chip off. Don't use carpenters-style yellow glue as this will affect the ability of the Sculptamold® to take color. I actually like the way the glue-treated mix take color for rock formations better. A wash of India ink is often all I use to color a rock formation. If you haven't used Sculptamold®, give it a try. It's easy to work with, covers and colors well and is light-weight like the foam. I put it on a little thick where I want a rock formation and carve in the texture after it sets but before it's dry. You can carve dry but it's easier at this stage.

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